Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There lies my dreams waiting to be unraveled in some strange way......
along comes my ambitions well marked out and conspicuous....
the baggage of inertia turns out to be my perfect haven....
lately, humming to myself has been a much loved action....
I call out to my 'amigos' who are always there for me.......
exotic food and a fine evening of jazz seem to cheer me up.....
the quest to seek, understand and relax turns out to be just the things I want......

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Please do not ask me what is now?

Yes..... am taking my most coveted trip now. Please do not ask me what is now? am not sure. It seems to me that I too, like that old man in my friend's tale, have lost the sense of time. The spatiality has successfully engulfed me. However, the myriad labyrinths make me restless and troubled. Aah....you want me to define trouble! and I say but why? Cold wind hits my face, something spiral dazzles in the night sky, the lonely owl hoots from afar and suddenly the wall clock crashes..thud! A bizzare painting rests itself on the damp walls. Somehow they complement each other. Alas! not even few minute moments are spent mourning for the wall clock. Yet........the clock has been there forever until now. Please do not ask me what is now? am not sure. Some nameless faceless people appear and begin their discourses on life, love and lust. Their deep voices keep droning and I find myself on other side of the road. Confused and angry I think of a way out. I ask myself again, is there a way out? It seems I have arrived on the Fantasy Land but the return ticket is available to a select few. How lucky! am in my room now. Please do not ask me what is now? am not sure. But isn't it enough that my long due trip has got over now!

Friday, April 23, 2010

' For MumMum '

Summer days made me happy, brought me welcome news and fond memories!
We grow up too soon to treasure special thoughts and impossible dreams....
Entangled in a web of activities we become reclusive, although, the apparent gaiety seems natural.

Remorse is ephemeral, excess fury remains bottled up inside, only untimely tears form a veil camouflaging the void.Sometimes its too late while delirium is ever present. Life cannot always assuage the throbbing pain... Genuine pain emanates from no where but resides for a long while.

O how I long for those innocent, fun filled summer times. Why has happiness become a rarity?
And we humans are so selfish.... We look back and spare a thought only when its inescapable!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Intruding nature's soliloque

Winds invited me to their world today, the trees gave me company,
silence prevailed for a long while...
the clouds danced away to the 'Vienna Woods'!
suddenly brilliant lights shone through them, transforming the mellow mood
I was at a loss unable to take the nothingness.
Running off seemed plausible, however, my confusion held me back...
embracing folly was the other option...
Something urged me to go ahead, and I did.
Life's lessons are amusing after all!!

* Vienna Woods- Tales from Vienna Woods by Johann Strauss.

* Vienna woods- Tales from Vienna woods by Johann Strauss.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

' There she goes '

The rain has washed way her pain
White light bemuses her
No! the darkness is luring her to a different direction
Her mind is berserk, demands galore
Its the final hour- the choice again is hers!

* 'There she goes'- title borrowed from the song by Sixpence none the richer.