Thursday, August 25, 2011

Castillo del Helado- Part I

My Vanilla queen is very gentle.
In Castillo Del Helado, she has the prettiest room.
She smells of jasmine and sprinkles cinnamon flavoured joys.
Skylarks and dolphins help her create happiness.
Beware! She can even cast wicked spells by doing a deadly waltz.
Children adore her, fairies admire her.
Her laughter brings forth pearls of every kind.

My Rasberry knight waits all night.
He has the perfect blend of wit and charisma.
He is rover by the night and saviour by the day.
He plays with swords and with hearts.
Together they are one of a kind.
but alas! there is a lot more they need to find.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The black crayon

I see you in distance, I turn my back.
I hold on to my book and the brown box.
Chocolates have turned sour,
The button has fallen off.
Photographs too have lost their shine.
I look away, my feet are dead.
I search my bag, and my brains.
I find the black crayon and the white lie,
the lemon tart and your vulgar cries.
I was certain and I still am our paths should never have converged,
Yet I find a part of you lurking underneath my mind somewhere.

Friday, August 19, 2011

On my own

The sinister night whispers its secrets to me,
My bedroom window is half open and so is my mind.

Yes, my fractured dreams speak to the moon.
They share an intimate solitude. I intrude too.

My glasses fail to identify the colour purple,
rainbow patterns fill my life. But I never get the colour of my choice.

Music that I hear is calm yet vibrant,
and when time comes, it puts me to sleep.

In my dreams, bizarre encounters keep me busy.
When I wake up I  realize that reality and fantasy have merged.
I enjoy the best of both.