Friday, September 23, 2011

The Blue Glass- Finale

The musician blows the trumpet hard.
Jazz spirit fills the room.
I see hope and content in people's eyes.
My crimson glass has come to bid me goodbye.
She has a blue hue somewhere and I don't like it.
She gives me a cruel smile and makes me feel
hollower than ever.

I lie in a different canvas today.
I am supposed to act important too.
The frame has only me and I wear the
silliest yet the most fulfilled expression.
I am a man in love today but my muses
have run away. Black magic is my trump card now.

The Blue Glass- Chapter IV

Crimson glass exists in a secluded corner.
She is pale but divine. She wears a calm mask to
hide all her worries and fears.
Her strength is her laughter. 
She can bring joy to the grimmest castle 
within a flash.
She is precious to me and to the world as well.
I can't hold her too long,
Shackles squeeze out all her happiness.
She wants me, she wants me alone
but i feel Blue.

You should know that Crimson glass
is my imagination. She lives in my world.
A world which is inside me. But she is not trapped like me.
My crimson glass can wander about but returns everytime I am in pain.

The Blue Glass- Chapter III

I lost him and I lost her...
I wish I knew where to go but
I am trapped in the canvas you see.
I am no flesh and blood,
but don't get me wrong-
I have a strong sense of duty and
emotions keep me going.
Only the crimson glass can help me.

She loves me with all her heart.
She accepts my varied professions and hobbies.
She knows I am nothing but Blue's sketch.
She knows I exist for Blue like she does for me.
However, her love grows manifold each day.
Crimson glass makes me encounter laughter and beauty.
She is an integral part of me.
She makes me happy but you see,
my song is Blue.

The Blue Glass- Chapter II

Today I have to be cynical and proud.
She wants me to repel the room full of guests.
Aah! You got it. It isn't too simple.
She wants this man with the green stick dead.
No! She didn't tell me why but I am a murderer today.

The man with the green stick has a contagious sneeze.
I barely manage to escape the trap.
He has a cigar you see, simple but exotic.
The smoke changes peoples' desires.
I had to protect Blue but where has she gone?
The man with green stick laughs a terrible laugh.
But he reading my mind?

The Blue Glass- Chapter I

Her hair smells like freshly grown cloves,
I get moved by her fleeting expressions.
She is called Blue,
but her skin reminds one of the the prettiest white.
I live and breathe in and out of her bones.
She is mine and I am hers.

Who am I? She would be sketching me soon enough.
You see, I change a lot depending on her thoughts.
One day, I gallop across the hidden woods,
the next day I find myself in a busy market.
If I could colour her moods, it would range from
the palest pink to the boldest black.
She is a wild thing you know but gentle deep down.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Those shadows are all over me,
The clouds and the moon share a dialogue.
Raindrops retreat too soon
and the scary bat knocks on my door.

The 'other' me sqeals subtly, but 'real' me answer it back,
and it seems to understand my language.
It displays a ritual dance to welcome me to its family.
I politely indulge and begin a conversation.

We call today Vienna and tomorrow Florence,
But the months need a name and so does the year.
The clock is making the world go round,
Yet the stories weaved look for solidity.