Sunday, October 14, 2012

Children of the Sun by Sharanya Biswas and Sebanti Chatterjee

I sat by the river and it echoed
Those very words
That the wind whispered to me the other night.

It sang for the night,
It sang for what might
Map out the future clouds of thought.

The water flows but the river stays
Still, changing only with the eons.

The walls seem brittle
But the house promises warmth,
As we step inside,
Greets the spirit of life.

Life in that moment just is,
No past no present and no future.

It’s for us to nurture and grow,
To let it rain and snow
The delights, pain and everything more
For now and again.

To pour again and again
On cloudy days and passionate nights
When dreams unfold and our masks cry
We are the children, the children of the Sun.

Till the very end we shall run
Over mountain and stream
Over blood and sweat
Over hope and regret
For we are
The children of the Sun.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Act strange!

Dream on princess!
Soar through the fleecy clouds.

Play along lad!
Exploit your agile expressions.

Discover yourself woman!
Rip apart all those forbidden moments.

Run away little kid!
Lock yourself inside the polka train.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Far apart

And as you carefully caress all those tricky notes,
the melodic surprises make room for the much awaited encore.
But I am no longer oblivious of your saccharine sonata,
All the same am delighted each time you relocate your bow.

You suddenly evaporate into the sinister night,
my snooping gaze encounters your vacillating ways.
But every time you sing to me a charming ballad,
I lose myself yet again thinking 'let this be the final act'.

And you run into me one of these days,
I smell the coldness in your breath.
And I wonder who managed to steal our verbal row.

Alas! Before I find my answer, curtain falls and you take a bow.