Friday, April 23, 2010

' For MumMum '

Summer days made me happy, brought me welcome news and fond memories!
We grow up too soon to treasure special thoughts and impossible dreams....
Entangled in a web of activities we become reclusive, although, the apparent gaiety seems natural.

Remorse is ephemeral, excess fury remains bottled up inside, only untimely tears form a veil camouflaging the void.Sometimes its too late while delirium is ever present. Life cannot always assuage the throbbing pain... Genuine pain emanates from no where but resides for a long while.

O how I long for those innocent, fun filled summer times. Why has happiness become a rarity?
And we humans are so selfish.... We look back and spare a thought only when its inescapable!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Intruding nature's soliloque

Winds invited me to their world today, the trees gave me company,
silence prevailed for a long while...
the clouds danced away to the 'Vienna Woods'!
suddenly brilliant lights shone through them, transforming the mellow mood
I was at a loss unable to take the nothingness.
Running off seemed plausible, however, my confusion held me back...
embracing folly was the other option...
Something urged me to go ahead, and I did.
Life's lessons are amusing after all!!

* Vienna Woods- Tales from Vienna Woods by Johann Strauss.

* Vienna woods- Tales from Vienna woods by Johann Strauss.