Monday, July 25, 2011

And So..

The brown sky stifles me,
Multiple doors fascinate me.
The purple ink plays with me;
Closed walls enclose me.
The strawberry rain awaits me,
Wrecked mirrors frighten me.
The blue trumpet pertubs me,
Water lilies amuse me.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Little droplets everywhere-
They are dancing to a secret tune,
They are playing with sheltered thoughts.

Little droplets everywhere-
My eyes search for those deeper truths,
My face longs for your wet embrace.

Little droplets everywhere-
They are leaving us with a new reverie,
They are snatching away few fine memories.

Little droplets everywhere-
O little droplets everywhere.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Three companions : Finale

The message was for Violet.
It was related to her work.
Yes of course! she was an actress.
The man with the yellow boots was her co-star.
They were always cast together, and they were
so proud of their work. They looked happy together.
Everything was perfect until the day he invited Lemon.
Lemon was his half brother and Violet's estranged husband.

Lemon was too much in love though.
Violet had her reasons and then again
she had a past with the man with the yellow boots.
They were about to be engaged.
Both had just become celebrities.
Violet was forever perplexed.
Decision-making was never her forte.
She was completely love-struck when Lemon performed for her.
He played Bach's Fugue in G-minor on his clarinet.
And in no time, they got married.

Maroon could cure aching hearts and mind.
His music had healing powers.
But his methods were intense.
If one was too edgy, one could die.
That is why many had to return dispirited.
The wooden cello boxes hid the cadavers of their loved ones.
Violet was fighting her feelings- her innocence as well as her penitence.
She survived till the end. Lemon had to go on.

Lemon was precious to Maroon.
To put a smile on his face, the other man had to be put to sleep.
Alas! if only they knew. The message said that Violet had to knock off Lemon.
Also, the fate of the brothers were interlinked.
If one died, the other had to undergo the same process.
Lemon slipped off the following day.
Maroon and Violet had no respite from mourning.
They had lost their identity and existence all at once.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Three companions : Chapter 4

Maroon and Lemon were childhood friends.
They first met during a music competition.
Maroon had won it. He was a child prodigy.
He played Bach's Cello suite no.6.
Lemon has given up his clarinet now.
He is comfortable juggling the role of
a script-writer and a penciller.
Maroon isn't only a musician.
He is a renowned music therapist.
Violet has been his patient for a while now.
She is also the protagonist of Lemon's new script.
The man with the yellow boots had come with a message.

Three companions : Chapter 3

Lemon knew that Bach had a special significance.
He started scribbling nervous phrases just to keep his cool.
They summoned him. He rambled across the hallway.
Everyone knew that Lemon had two obsessions:
Food and Violet. Don't get me wrong. He wasn't proud of it.

Violet looked white. She curled herself cozily beside the fireplace.
She felt troubled. She began to care for the man with yellow boots.
But..come now. Didn't they just meet? It wasn't even an encounter.
They had a past. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Maroon looked triumphant. He was too pleased with his performance.
The approval from the crowd proved that the bizarre incident was an usual act.
The man still lay there but his yellow boots had vanished.
Lemon was showed in. When their eyes met,
Maroon and Lemon were in state of stupor.
Both smiled graciously nonetheless.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three companions : Chapter 2

It so happens that Violet keeps humming the lines
'on and on the rain will say, how fragile we are, how fragile we are'.
She takes a sneaky glance at the man wearing yellow boots.
No! she didn't find it strange at all rather she's a little curious.
That's all.

Lemon seems to know this man.
They embrace each other and share a knowing smile.
The man enters this murky room where two hefty men
are having a big brawl. Alas! After each grisly attack,
they seem to revel in glory.

Maroon looks up, the man with the yellow boots
stoops low to pick up an empty cello wooden box
and returns a cynical smile. Maroon seemed flabbergasted.
He took out his cello and started playing Bach's Cello suite no 1.
The man fell dead within seconds.

P.S: For Piya :D.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three companions

Meet my friend violet:
fragile and baffled
engrossed in bliss.
Apathetic towards grief
headstrong and full of herself.

You mean the outline visible from here?
Oh! That's my friend Maroon.
You see the big wooden box lying there
it is the cradle for his cello.
He is a fine cellist you see, (that's what everyone says)
but whoever comes to greet him here
returns with dead corpses in other wooden boxes.

But come now, you must meet Lemon
With his alert glance and killer smile
he sure knows it best.
Philosophies and symphonies
have a charming effect on him.
He doodles multi-hued patterns
and scribbles awkward lyrics
whenever his spirit is let loose.

Monday, July 4, 2011

10 lines

The city lights are growing dim,
the dark alleys find new companions.

An artist gives his boldest stroke,
the pallete however, appears too grey.

I stand away soaked by the rain,
the solemn cello strikes a chord in me.

The bookstore is closing for the day,
the new tales fail to evoke the finer sensations.

I walk away lonely and torn,
the nightbird and the moon show a magical path.