Saturday, January 1, 2011


Nothing seems to be right. Apparently there is nothing wrong either with the world or me but the nagging melody rings loudly inside my head each day. I am becoming withdrawn and increasingly pensive whenever I am hearing it. Probably its time for a change, maybe its just a passing phase, better perhaps its all a bad dream. Whatever awaits me in the future, I need to forego the past, atleast try and rewrite it in my own way.

I ask myself ‘Is it really possible to have it my way?’ but then do I know what is ‘MY WAY’? Have I really decoded the true meaning and nature of what has come before me until now? I am still working on it meanwhile my mind is receptive to new ideas and it gives me the strength to go on. Faith is all I have got because sometimes intuitions guide you in most unexpected ways.

I have learned to trust again, love once more, feel the rhythm with much more vigour and finally have been able to find myself.  The world has come to my aid in the hour of my darkest distress. Some wonderful people and moments shall forever remain etched in my memory because without them all this would have died.

There…. I have spelt out the forbidden word- what more? I feel distraught and lost yet a flicker of optimism keeps me smiling inspite of myself. I guess that is the spirit embedded in every life. The end comes if it has to and there isn’t much in our hand. Time, like always has surpassed me but I have lost gracefully. Duties in place, fears buried deep down, I begin my journey to the other world.


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