Friday, August 19, 2011

On my own

The sinister night whispers its secrets to me,
My bedroom window is half open and so is my mind.

Yes, my fractured dreams speak to the moon.
They share an intimate solitude. I intrude too.

My glasses fail to identify the colour purple,
rainbow patterns fill my life. But I never get the colour of my choice.

Music that I hear is calm yet vibrant,
and when time comes, it puts me to sleep.

In my dreams, bizarre encounters keep me busy.
When I wake up I  realize that reality and fantasy have merged.
I enjoy the best of both.


  1. I would like to believe this would be called being you :)

  2. the thing sounds good. but one thing, i feel music and nature are being repeated and overused in your stuff, in the same way. either give them up temporarily or think of new ways of employing them.


  3. yeah..okay! I would give them up temporarily :D.