Friday, September 23, 2011

The Blue Glass- Finale

The musician blows the trumpet hard.
Jazz spirit fills the room.
I see hope and content in people's eyes.
My crimson glass has come to bid me goodbye.
She has a blue hue somewhere and I don't like it.
She gives me a cruel smile and makes me feel
hollower than ever.

I lie in a different canvas today.
I am supposed to act important too.
The frame has only me and I wear the
silliest yet the most fulfilled expression.
I am a man in love today but my muses
have run away. Black magic is my trump card now.


  1. This journey makes me feel like a silver pin of light in a glass orb, somewhat in a purple haze with the swirling of another world outside, that i can see and that i can believe to be. Thank you for the "trip".

  2. I love your visual imagery :). Thankyou!