Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three companions

Meet my friend violet:
fragile and baffled
engrossed in bliss.
Apathetic towards grief
headstrong and full of herself.

You mean the outline visible from here?
Oh! That's my friend Maroon.
You see the big wooden box lying there
it is the cradle for his cello.
He is a fine cellist you see, (that's what everyone says)
but whoever comes to greet him here
returns with dead corpses in other wooden boxes.

But come now, you must meet Lemon
With his alert glance and killer smile
he sure knows it best.
Philosophies and symphonies
have a charming effect on him.
He doodles multi-hued patterns
and scribbles awkward lyrics
whenever his spirit is let loose.


  1. umm.. i wouldn't call this poetry. its too abrupt. why don't you instead make this a prose.... each character can have a story..and develop the plot acc to your narratives. :)

  2. hmm..good plan. let this be chapter 1 :)