Friday, July 15, 2011

Three companions : Chapter 3

Lemon knew that Bach had a special significance.
He started scribbling nervous phrases just to keep his cool.
They summoned him. He rambled across the hallway.
Everyone knew that Lemon had two obsessions:
Food and Violet. Don't get me wrong. He wasn't proud of it.

Violet looked white. She curled herself cozily beside the fireplace.
She felt troubled. She began to care for the man with yellow boots.
But..come now. Didn't they just meet? It wasn't even an encounter.
They had a past. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Maroon looked triumphant. He was too pleased with his performance.
The approval from the crowd proved that the bizarre incident was an usual act.
The man still lay there but his yellow boots had vanished.
Lemon was showed in. When their eyes met,
Maroon and Lemon were in state of stupor.
Both smiled graciously nonetheless.

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